Month: February 2020

How Interior Design Can Be A Tool In Managing Life With Autism

Justin Moehn’s vast amiibo collection, comfortable gaming chairs and a large screen set up in a very specific way in his Richmond bedroom are evidence of his highly focused affection for video games. Jess Faerman’s small apartment in Houston has a single chair she’s willing to sit on and a circular path for her compulsive

On The Market: Portland Area Homes For Sale With Huge Price Cuts

Imagine saving a half million dollars on most people’s biggest purchase: A home. This might be the time: High-end properties are taking longer to sell in this slower market. For years in the Portland area, residential properties were going fast and for high figures; some were the center of bidding wars. Now that the market

Post-Minimalist Pioneer Barry Le Va Is Getting A Big Moment In The Spotlight

Barry Le Va is counted among the consummate artists’ artists. During the 1960s and ‘70s, the Long Beach-born Le Va pioneered post-Minimalism alongside the likes of Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra, and Robert Smithson, with his own specific from of post-studio, process-focused creations. “Le Va’s art is emphatically material and experiential, the realization of ideas rather